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Google Cr-48 Unboxing

Posted by Bradley under Google, Technology

Well I’m a happy geek this morning.  El Goog just sent over a shiny soft touch Cr-48 Chrome Notebook running Chrome OS for me to dive into…

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Custom Background Images Now Live On Your Google Homepage

Posted by Bradley under Google, Technology

Google is rolling out a new feature today that allows you to upload or choose a custom background image in place of the generic, white Google homepage we’re all used to.

If you don’t see the link in the lower, left corner of yet don’t fret, the feature will be rolled out over the next few days.


22 Minutes Of The Technology Behind Avatar = Geekgasm

Posted by Bradley under Movies, Personal

Avatar revolutionized the world of digital, 3D filmmaking.

Many of the groundbreaking technologies that went into the production were created by James Cameron and his visual effects team specifically for Avatar.

If you are into making movies or just curious about how they are made grab a seat and some popcorn and check out this 22 minute behind the scenes featurette courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

Who needs the Blu-ray special features?! :)


Google Nexus One Unboxing

Posted by Bradley under Android, Personal, Technology

Today I welcomed a package from Google!

The Nexus One Superphone.

Here’s how it went down…

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1986 Worlds Of Fun Theme Park Map Takes Me Back

Posted by Bradley under Kansas City, Personal


Remember when admission to Worlds of Fun was $14.95 and such awesomeness as the AMC Incred-O-Dome Theatre, Omegatron and the Wobble Wheel still existed?

Theme Park Maps has a great collection of propaganda from the park’s 1980‘s heyday.

Maps and brochures from most theme parks across the US are also available if you care not to recall the teenage horror of centrifugally-vomiting inside the Finish Fling. :)

[IMG via]

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Blatant Mockery Productions Present: “GLOW” (NSFW)

Posted by Bradley under Movies, Personal


Blatant Mockery‘s latest production entitled “GLOW” is online!

It was our entry into the 2009 Wild West Film Fest Scare Factor.

Special thanks to everybody who helped make this movie a reality this year.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

CONTENT WARNING: Not safe for work!

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A 90 Second Look At The Fringe Season Two Premiere Tomorrow On Fox!

Posted by Bradley under Television


Fringe Season 2 premieres tomorrow at 8 PM CST on FOX!

Here’s a 90 second sneak peak:

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Google’s Unexplained UFO Theme Continues With Latest Doodle

Posted by Bradley under et al.

Stay with me now…

Google‘s Doodle ten days ago was the image below and linked to a Google search of “unexplained phenomena“:


Today, September 15th, it’s this image with a link to a Google search of “crop circles“:


Follow @google on Twitter and you can keep up with Google’s official tweets that correspond to the Doodles — cryptic messages that offer clues.

Ten days ago it was a code that spelled out “All your O are belong to us” a reference to the popular Japanese video game meme of Zero Wing.

This time it’s a list of GPS coordinates that link you to here.

The small town of Woking, Surrey in the UK.

First the O now the L.

Could this be the making of the first Google Alternate Reality Game?



The next scheduled letter abduction is September 25th.

What is Google up to?

[IMGS via]

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